Institution: Abertay University

Course: Games Design & Production

Module: Professional Project

Role: Producer

Grade: A

Aki was the first of three game jam style projects I worked on as part of my third-year professional project. I was producer on the project leading a multidisciplinary team of 8 students. I also stepped up and supported my programming and design teams as required.

Aki is the story of a dog who roams between the spirit world and the world of the living helping guide lost souls on their journeys. It is a walking simulator and was designed and prototyped in one week during a collaborative project between Abertay University and Into Games.

Aki is our original IP and was designed with the intention to showcase our individual skills serving as an ideal portfolio piece. I received an A grade for my work on Aki and the following two projects for my work as producer and lead designer as well as supplementary programmer.